Terms & Conditions


Please read the instructions carefully and complete all applicable sections.
• Incomplete forms will not be processed.
• Only ONE registration form per applicant.
• Please allow 3 working days for registration processing. Your application status will be
communicated toyou after registration processing.
• You will receive separate email and/or sms communication regarding the outcome
of your academic application

A COPY of the deposit slip of the registration fee must accompany your registration form.
This deposit can only be made at a branch of FNB.


• ID/Passport Copy (Applicant)
• Guardian ID/Passport Copy
• Matric Results
• CV
NB: Photocopies of all documents must be certified.

Account Name: Puo Media
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: 627 685 80641
Branch name: FNB Pretorius Street
Branch Code: 250 345
You must retain your original proof of payment and only a copy must accompany your
registration form.
NB: Applicants/Students must use their Student Numbers as Reference


I agree to the following:

• I will acquaint and comply with the policies and procedures of Puo Media and I will abide by them.
• All particulars given by me in this form are true and correct.
• I will acquaint myself with the rules and regulation of Puo Media and will abide by them.
• I will inform Puo Media immediately in writing should I change my address.
• I am aware that my registration is valid only if it complies with the relevant regulations of Puo Media
• I am aware that fees and legal costs will be recovered from me should I fail to fulfil my financial
commitments towards Puo Media.
• I hereby give consent to Puo Media and its subcontractors or operators to collect and process my
personal information for the purpose of this agreement provided such information is kept
• I grant Puo Media to enquire and verify my qualification already obtained in other institutions.
• I am capable of concluding an agreement and I’m legally competent to sign this registration and may
therefore enter, unassisted, into an agreement with Puo Media and I accept full responsibility of all
classes’ workshops, trips, as well as any other fees determined by Puo Media.
• I accept that my examination results / certificate and study records may be withheld under the
following circumstances:
a) In the event of my account in areas,
b) In the event of any disciplinary matter pending against me.

• I hereby Cede and transfer to Puo Media all rights and tittle in any intellectual property created by me
during my academic year or in any project I undertake at Puo Media, unless otherwise agreed.
• Be available for, and participate in, all structured learning and practical workplace experience
activities required by Puo media.
• Attend all theoretical learning sessions and practical learning activities with Puo media.
• Complete timesheets and projects and participate in any assessment activities that are required for
the final assessment at the end of the academic year
• Though I do not have the entry level to the qualification offered I’m willing to learn the skill and get
certification of recognition when I complete the qualification.
• I will always be neat at all times [in this perspective: I will not apply/do any inappropriate make overs
to my natural state to class(this includes make-up and hairstyles)]
• I will attend all my classes with all black stretching clothes that is mostly like [black leggings, track
pants, tights, sweat pants, vests and t-shirt]


Indemnity against claims for loss or damages:

I hereby declare that I (including my dependents) shall not institute any claim of any nature whatsoever
against Puo Media or any Employee of Puo Media, acting with his/her employment capacity, nor shall I in
any way whatsoever hold Puo Media responsible for any loss or damage that I may suffer in person or in
respect of any property of mine, which may directly or indirectly arise from my commitment, as a
registered student, towards Puo Media, resulting from any act or omission whatsoever during my
academic year, or during any activity that I undertake, or with regard to any activities regardless of who or
what may be responsible. I undertake to participate in any activity that I am expected to participate in, on
my own responsibility; voluntarily taking on any risk I may expose myself to in connection with any such
activity. I hereby confirm that I will timeously acquaint myself with all the information and rules in
connection with practical training, and that I am, as a registered student of Puo Media, bound to adhere to
the general rules and regulations of Puo Media. I understand that the terms and conditions of this
indemnity shall remain in force for the duration of my studies at Puo Media.
I furthermore declare, in case I’m injured in such a manner that I cannot personally give consent to any
medical treatment or medical intervention that I may be in the dire need of, my centerananian may sign
the necessary letters of consent on my behalf. I request the responsible person to take note of the
following: please list all aspects of which notice should be taken: (e.g. Allergies, asthma, bleeding,
Diabetics, epilepsy and etc.)

1. Termination/Cancellations


• I understand and agree that my contract will be terminated once I have successfully completed the
final assessment and fulfilled all requirements associated with the specified course.
• If I am fairly dismissed by Puo Media, for a reason related to the learner’s conduct.
1. Cancellations or Withdrawals
• I understand and agree that by withdrawing from the school, I’m still bound to pay the outstanding
balance in full. Failure to do so, Puo Media will resort to handing it over to its legal department
2. Fees
• Our fees are non-refundable.
• I understand and agree with Puo Media to pay my monthly fees, all payments are to be paid on or
before the 3rd of each month, unless arrangements have been made in writing at the sole and
absolute discretion of Puo Media for the payment of fees at a later date, if not I will be considered delinquent 

and be subjected to finance charges. I will also not be allowed to sit in for examinations or
be assessed until the outstanding amount is settled.
• 10% penalty charge will be added for all late payments
• The payment must be made on or before the 3
rd of each month or the arranged date despite illness,
absenteeism, public or school holidays.
• All proof of payments should be emailed to finance@puomedia.co.za or brought forward to the

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